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Welcome to my humble joint.

Here you can have a quick glance through a selection of my dear work.

Enjoy the ride.

Shell Beach - We were beautiful


Site 1
High-Tech School
TVC campaign 2020
Erste - George app
TVC campaign 2020
Site 2
Belle Épine
Fashion mayhem
OTP - Image film 
TVC campaign 2020
Telenor - Hypernet
TVC campaign 2020
Site 3
FőzeLAKE - Melankólia Club (Telekom Electronic Beats)


The artist did his track alone on his Iphone, and we think it’s awesome and has an important message for the kids of hungary who suffer from depression. The rate of suicide among teens in Hungary is huge, but talking about is still taboo.

Site 4
Richter Gedeon - Anthem
TVC campaign 2020
ALDI - Supercut
All year campaign 2019
Site 5
MOL - Image
TVC campaign 2020
Telenor - Back 2 School
TVC campaign 2020
Site 6
H&M X Shopmark
TVC campaign 2018
Fashion film
Hungarian National Bank
TVC campaign 2020
Site 7
TVC campaign 2020
Suzuki - Scross
TVC campaign 2018
Site 8
Telenor - In Between Moments


These 30 seconds one-shot spots have a special place in my heart.

It was such a blast to work with those cool people in front and behind the camera.

A must watch IMO. :) 

Telenor - 2020
Director's cut
Site 9
Adidas Original X PM
Director's cut
High-Tech School
TVC promo 2021
SONYA - Krypta
Music Video 2017
Go vote film
Goon & Koyote
Music Video from the past
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I'm Sébastien, a franco-hungarian director of things.

For the most part of my life I bounced around many great cities such as Bruxelles, Paris, London, Berlin and Budapest.

I have graduated a Ph.D. in Film at the Nouvelle Sorbonne University of Paris but my real school was doing guerrilla shorts with hip Parisian film crew Full Dawa.

My aim is  to combine a distinctively personal aesthetic with human flourishes peppered with a flashy punk rock attitude. I have collaborated on campaigns for brands like Telekom, Telenor, Erste, OTPbank, Danone, Aldi or Converse. 

My mindset to always bring to my project some kind of genuine heart paired with visual purity is partially shaped by my mixed cultural identities and by my love of simplicity in storytelling. 


Tel: +36 30 98 42 619
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Representation by Cat and Mouse - Shanghai
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